Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aboute Me

Hey im Zac im 15 years old and turn 16 at the end of year. i curently attend St. James College in East Bentleigh. i do well in multimedia and media them being the subjects i like subjects that i dont enjoy include maths but i still score pretty good.

My Interests

I enjoy playing computer games and doing stuff with my mates often we go rollerblading or to Chadstone or Knox, some of the video games I'm interested in are league of legends, heroes of newearth, dynasty warriors and call of duty. i like gaming but i would prefer to go out with my friends.

What I Want to do in the future

In the future after i finish year 12 i wish to get into university but defer for a year to go live in England where i have a great group of friends after the year is up i will come back to Australia to either study game design or aviation particularly in commercial piloting, after i complete university i would like to move back to england.